Cambridge University: Chancellor Vote

14 October 2011, 06:00

We'll find out who the next Chancellor of Cambridge University will be on Sunday.

Voting starts this morning (Friday) at 10am for a person to replace Prince Phillip in the mainly ceremonial role.

The four nominees are:

  • Flash Gordon actor Brian Blessed [pictured - top right]
  • Local shop-keeper Abdul Arain
  • Barrister Michael Mansfield
  • Former supermarket chairman Lord Sainsbury

Cambridge graduates who hold a Masters or Doctors degree can cast their vote in the Senate House until 8pm on Saturday.

The count then starts on Sunday morning, with a result expected by the end of the day.

The role is mainly ceremonial, and involves advising the university on difficult issues and handing out honorary degrees once a year.

Each nominee required 50 signatures from Cambridge graduates to be considered for the post.

The vacancy has arisen because Prince Phillip has retired.