Cambridge Villages Without Water

23 August 2010, 09:18 | Updated: 24 August 2010, 09:16

Around 3,000 homes in villages just outside of Cambridge are without water because of a burst pipe.

Cambridge Water was told about the burst water main in Longstanton at 6am this morning.

Engineers are now at the site of the problem and working to fix the pipe.

Places without water at the moment are:

  • Longstanton
  • Fenstanton
  • Longstanton
  • Hilton
  • Longworth
  • Swavesey
  • Over
  • Connington
  • St Ives

UPDATE: 0950am Monday

Cambridge Water engineers have re-routed the water supply around the burst pipe, and water should start flowing back to homes from 10am onwards.

In a statement, the company added: "When the supply is restored, it is possible some customers may experience brown or milky water.

This discolouration is caused because the water main has been disturbed. Customers are advised to run their cold water supply until the water runs clear."

UPDATE: 1145am Monday

Cambridge Water is advising customers affected by a water main burst in Longstanton that it could be another two to three hours before all supplies are returned to normal.

Managing director, Stephen Kay, said: "Owing to the severity of the burst main in Hattons Road, Longstanton, it will take a few hours to fully recharge the system."

He said the company’s priority would be to return the water supply to customers as soon as possible.

UPDATE: 0915am Tuesday

All but a handful of properties affected by the burst water main in Longstanton on Monday (August 23, 2010) now have their supplies restored.

When the water main burst around 6am, the supply network affecting the villages of Longstanton, Fenstanton, Fen Drayton, Hilton, Swavesey, Over, Conington and properties south of the river in St Ives was completely drained down. This affected around 5000 customers.

Cambridge Water spent the day rerouting supplies to ensure the majority of villages had a water supply by the afternoon.

As of 6am on Tuesday, only a handful of properties along the A14 corridor near Lolworth and Longstanton were without a supply. All of these properties have been provided with alternative water supplies.

Cambridge Water apologises for any inconvenience caused as a result of this incident, which was one of the largest burst mains witnessed by the company for several years.

It is possible some customers affected by the burst may still experience cloudy or milky water. This discolouration is caused because of air in the water main. The water remains safe to drink. Any customers who continue to experience cloudy or milky water are advised to run their cold water supply until the water runs clear. If this situation persists you are advised to contact Cambridge Water on 01223 706050.

Likewise, some customers may also be experiencing low pressure. If the pressure remains at a low level please also notify us.

Work to identify the exact source of the burst main and carry out repairs will continue as a matter of urgency.