Cambridge: Violent Crime Drops

24 September 2012, 14:00

Cambridgeshire Police say the amount of violent crime in Cambridge has fallen.

It's being put down to a new approach between various agencies, which has seen violent crime drop in Cambridge.

The "Alcohol-Related Violent Crime Group" sees police working alongside the Ambulance Service, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge Business Against Crime, the Drug and Alcohol Action Team, Street Pastors, universities and other voluntary groups.

Cambridgeshire Police say this partnership approach has already had an impact on violent crime.

Between April and September, violent crime dropped 13.9% in the city centre compared with the previous quarter, anti-social behaviour was down 29.3% and alcohol-related incidents dropped by 21.1%.

Violent crime across the wider city was also down 11.9% compared to last year. 

Additionally, police have upped patrols in the city centre on Friday and Saturday nights in a bid to prevent excessive drinking and violence as part of Operation Sodium, which is the dedicated policing of the night time economy. 

Chief Inspector Neil Sloan told Heart: "We have dedicated patrols on Friday and Saturday nights to ensure a visible presence in the city as well as engaging with people who are on a night out. 

Cambridge is a safe place to work, live and visit, but like any city centre across the country, there is always the danger that people will
drink excessively. We are aware of the issues that it can bring and are proactive about preventing them. 

Through the Alcohol-Related Violent Crime Group we have been able to work with licensed premises to identify key issues within the city centre so we can ensure we have appropriate numbers of officers in the right place at the right time."

CI Sloan added: "As a group we are also working with colleges and universities and will be putting on crime prevention events during Freshers' Week which will offer bespoke personal safety and alcohol awareness advice to new students arriving in the city. We will continue to work with the night time economy to ensure Cambridge remains a vibrant and safe place for people to enjoy a night out."