Cambridge: The Willow Wanderer

1 September 2012, 07:42 | Updated: 1 September 2012, 07:49

An anonymous mum from Cambridge is covering street furniture across the city in wool.

The woman, only known as 'The Willow Wanderer' carries out guerrilla knitting around Cambridge, covering items like bicycle racks and street lamps in wool.

Next week, she plans to focus her attention on a school in the north of the city, where 50 more cycle racks will be covered in knitting.

The Willow Wanderer told Heart: "It just makes people happy.

I just want people to say to me, 'that looks really cool or really nice', and I've had that reaction from people.

People often tell me it's cheered up a really dull day!"

Cambridge Willow Wanderer

Cambridge Willow Wanderer