Cambridgeshire Police Apologise

29 June 2010, 06:10 | Updated: 29 June 2010, 06:15

Cambridgeshire Police have apologised, after wrongly identifying the body of an elderly man.

Police originally believed that a body found in some water in Whittlesey on Saturday afternoon was that of Reginald Howse, an 83 year old man who had been missing from his home in Ramsey since May.

The force identified the body as Mr Howse and informed his family.

However, it is now thought to be a 73 year old man who had been reported from his home in Whittlesey.

Mr Howse remains missing.

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesperson said: "Following new information and further enquiries we have discovered that the man's body found in Whittlesey on Saturday (June 26) was not that of Reginald Howse.

Reginald, who has been missing since May, was last seen in Whittlesey.

The body of an elderly man was discovered in Whittlesey on Saturday afternoon and matched the description on missing Reginald. At this time no other people, matching this description, had been reported missing.

Reginald's family were made aware of the discovery.

However, at 11.20pm last night a 73-year-old man was reported missing from the Whittlesey area, who hadn┬┐t been seen since the previous day.

Police now believe the identify of the body to be that of the 73-year-old man and not missing Reginald.

As soon as this information came to light officers visited Mr Howse family to explain situation and apologise for any distress that has been caused to them."