Cambridgeshire: Police Flood Warning

27 November 2012, 13:41 | Updated: 27 November 2012, 14:27

Cambridgeshire Police are warning drivers they will be prosecuted for driving through roads that are shut due to flooding.

A number of roads in Cambridgeshire, such as Welney Wash, have been closed due to flooding.

However, reports from Police indicate a number of drivers are ignoring 'Road Closed' signs and attempting to drive through floodwaters.

This has led to Police and Fire crews being sent to rescue 'several' drivers that have got stranded recently.

According to Cambridgeshire Police, several have been handed out in Earith, Wisbech and Whittlesey.

Inspector Iain Clark said: "Several routes have been closed off with signs and cones but it appears some drivers are choosing to ignore these or even move them out of the way.

We are having to deploy resources to rescue stricken motorists and that is taking them away from other duties.

These road signs are there for a reason, any motorist caught ignoring them will be prosecuted."