Cambridgeshire: Postcards For Shoplifers

22 April 2013, 12:51 | Updated: 22 April 2013, 13:04

Cambridgeshire Police are sending postcards to prolific shoplifters, warning them that they are being watched.

The card [pictured - right] warns about the consequences of theft.

On the front the postcards state, "Shoplifters - we're watching you", and on the reverse explain how police are tackling shoplifting by working closely with retailers and arresting those responsible. 

In the 12 months from April 1 last year to the end of last month, there were 4357 reported shoplifting incidents in Cambridgeshire - a slight rise on the year before when there were 4319. 

Last month there were 374 reports of shoplifting in Cambridgeshire. 

Hundreds are expected to be delivered to offenders across Cambridgeshire. 

Community safety officer Julie Hanrahan said: "The postcards are one of a range of measures we are taking to tackle this type of crime, which has a huge effect on the business community and ultimately impacts on other shoppers. 

Shopwatch and Business Against Crime schemes are running across the county so information is shared and prolific offenders can be identified and banned from premises. 

We also work closely with CCTV operators and businesses and stay in contact by radio to ensure we can respond to incidents quickly. 

Our message to thieves is, 'You're being watched so don't risk a trip to custody by shoplifting".