Cambs Council Money Worries

East Cambridgeshire District Council has announced a number of money-saving measures as it faces a huge budget shortfall.

The authority faces a budget shortfall of £1.6 million next year as the impact of the recession and bailing out the banks impacts on public services.

After looking at the services it provides, East Cambridgeshire District Council plans to:

Raise council tax by 2.95%, which works out around 8 pence extra per week for an average band d property.
Make £750,000 worth of staff savings, including redundancies and a pay freeze for all council employees.
Cut back the amount it spends on art and culture in the district by £50,000.
Cut back the amount it gives out in grants to historic buildings and community schemes.
Stop collecting plastic bottles for recycling.

The full council budget will be set on the 23rd of February, where it expected the above measures will be approved.

Fred Brown, leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: "The council has never faced a more difficult financial situation.

Some very difficult decisions have had to be taken.

We intend to find around £750,000 in staff savings alone which will inevitably lead to redundancies as well as a pay freeze which will affect all staff.

All of these measures are designed to protect out core services.

Our proposals are painful but unfortunately necessary.

We had to deal with our budget deficit now, not put it off for another day."