Cambs Man Encourages More Record Breakers

16 September 2011, 12:00 | Updated: 17 September 2011, 10:54

26 year-old James Way from St Ives is the current World Record Holder of who can name the most capital cities in 60 seconds.

James told Heart "It's really good that so many Britons are now in the Book of World Records - isn't it great that a relatively small country can produce so many World Record Holders - I hope they'll be lost more next year - for the Olympics!".

James spoke to Heart and told us how his record came about "When I was 15 instead of revising for my GCSEs at Christmas, I was given two days to learn all the capitals in the World.

I was given 10p for every capital I could name, and then if I could get them all right, I got a bonus of up to £25, so I learned them.  It's a good reason for knowing them for money!

It's pretty good!  Usain Bolt's fastest runner in the world.  I like the fact that it makes you feel like you're number one in the world for something - even though it's not athletic, it's good!

In the Olympic year it's great that so many Brits are not only attempting a world record title, but also achieving it - even though they may not be athletic Olympic titles, it's great so many people from our country are being featured in the book of World Records."

James sits alongside some very famous names and faces in the latest edition of the Book of World Records including the Duchess of Cambridge, Adele.. and Hugh Lawrie!

Medical drama House is listed as the Most popular programme currently on TV, at its peak being watched by a phenomenal 81.8 million people in 66 countries. House star Hugh Laurie, who earns nearly £250,000 per episode, can now claim to be the world's Most watched leading man on television.

Royal Wedding fever proved to be record-breaking, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge establishing a new title for the Most live streams for a single event -t 72 million people worldwide watched the royal wedding live online, more online views than Barak Obama's inauguration.

Singer Adele holds the records for Most Consecutive Weeks At #1 On UK Albums Chart and Most Non-Consecutive Weeks At #1. She is also the first female to reach the UK Top 5 with two singles and two albums simultaneously.

Other bizarre new records set this year including 45 year-old Christine Walton from the US who's fingernails are 10ft 2in long on her left hand, and 9ft 7ins on her right hand.

Meanwhile it's another bodily record for fellow American Aevin Dugas.

The 36 year-old from New Orleans has the largest natural afro in the world - her hair has a circumference of 4ft 4in (1.32m).