Huntingdon: Cat Returns Seven Years After Going Missing

12 May 2014, 07:39 | Updated: 12 May 2014, 07:44

A much-loved cat has been reunited with his family in Huntingdon, after a seven year roam.

When Ollie went missing from his home in Huntingdon in August 2006 his owners Caroline and Nick French presumed the worst.
The couple had only been in the town for a few weeks and were due to travel to Kent to be married and then on to their honeymoon when four-year-old Ollie disappeared.
Despite putting up posters, calling round neighbours and looking for Ollie they thought they would never see him again. However, the couple never lost hope and kept his bed and toys in their garage just in case.
Seven years on, while on holiday with their two children Amelie (7) and Euan (4), Caroline and Nick decided the time was right to get a new pet cat and were shocked to find a cat resembling Ollie on the Wood Green website.
Caroline said: "We couldn’t believe it when we saw Ollie on the website. He has very distinct facial markings so we just knew it was him. We emailed Wood Green a picture and went to see him as soon as we returned home."
"Ollie was happy to see us and we introduced him to the children. He appeared much calmer than the lively young cat we’d once known."

Wood Green cat rehomer Gail Lees said: "Ollie was being cared for by a lady for around 18 months not far from his original owners before he was brought to Wood Green. We were delighted to be able to reunite him with his original family.
"Ollie, like all of the cats we take in, has now been microchipped so he is permanently identifiable should he decide to wander off again!"
Caroline added: "We are so happy to have Ollie back. He has settled in really well at home with us and the children love him. He loves his fuss, his food and a nice long sleep on a sunny window sill!  It's still hard to believe that we found him after all this time!"