Charges Against Dog Owners Dropped

23 February 2010, 12:01 | Updated: 23 February 2010, 16:18

The owners of two dogs, that attacked a postman in Cambridge, won't face criminal charges.

54 year old Keith Davies was attacked by the two Rottweilers while he was delivering Christmas cards in a private cul-de-sac in Trumpington in December 2008.

The dogs broke through a gate and mauled Mr Davies, almost tearing his arm off.

He was saved by a builder, 45 year old Anthony Lunn, who was working nearby and fought the dogs off using an iron bar and his work van.

Mr Davies, from Royston, needed 15 hours of surgery to save his arm after doctors originally feared they would have to amputate.

The owners of the dogs, 44 year old Robert Stewart and his daughter, 22 year old Emma, faced charges under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

However during a hearing at Cambridge Crown Court, those charges were dropped.

Judge Gareth Hawkesworth acquitted them of allowing a dangerous dog to enter a non-public place and subsequently cause injury.

He ruled that there had been "an abuse of process" because the attack had taken place on private and not public land.

Mr Davies, who did not attend the hearing, released a statement through his solicitor.

It said: "I am obviously extremely shocked and disappointed on hearing this news.

I do not yet have full details from the Crown Prosecution Service, but I know both they and Police put a huge amount of work into this case."