Charging Points In Cambridge

21 September 2010, 09:52 | Updated: 22 September 2010, 12:29

Charging points for electric cars have been installed in two car parks in Cambridge.

Drivers who use the Queen Anne Terrace or Grafton East car park can now charge their vehicle for free, if it is an electric one.

However, drivers will still have to pay the usual parking fee.

Two charging points have been installed in each car park.

People with an electric car who want to use the charging points need to apply for a special key to use them.

Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Climate Change and Growth, Clare Blair said: "A quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions come from road vehicles.

Figures for Cambridge in 2007 showed that they were responsible for about one tonne of carbon dioxide per person; we cannot ignore this.

If we are to meet the UK’s commitment of an 80 per cent cut in carbon emissions by 2050 then we absolutely have to do something about emissions produced by road vehicles. 

Electric cars help to bring down those figures and are perfect for shopping trips into the city."

Sean Cleary from Cambridge City Council Parking Services added: "We are very pleased to be able to offer electric recharging facilities in our car parks.

This is a step forward in not only in providing new facilities for those people who already have an electric car, but we hope it will also raise awareness and encourage the use of electric vehicles to both the public and businesses as a greener method of transportation.

If these recharging bays are a success we may look to expand and provide further recharging facilities in our car parks.”

Anyone wishing to join the Chargemaster recharging scheme in Cambridge can get more information by phoning 0845 528 0289.

There are plans to install similar plans in Peterborough city centre and also at Stansted Airport.