Comberton: Psycho Shown In Class

24 April 2013, 11:18 | Updated: 24 April 2013, 11:25

Comberton Village College in Cambridgeshire has apologised to a parent, after a child was left 'distressed' by watching part of the horror film Psycho in class.

According to the college, the infamous shower scene from Psycho was shown during a music class, to show how music evokes different atmospheres in film scenes.

Kate Bourne, mother of year nine student Douglas Parr, said her son had to be taken out of class as the scene made him feel 'physically sick'.

Mrs Bourne, from Cambourne, has since written to the school to express her anger at the film being shown.

In a statement, Comberton Village College said: "Yesterday the school was contacted by a parent who was unhappy about the use of a film clip in a music lesson. 

During a lesson looking at the use of music to evoke different atmospheres in film scenes, the group were shown a short, iconic clip from the 1960 film Psycho, which shows how music is integral to the mood created in a film. 

The scene was explained to pupils before being shown, and afterwards it was evaluated to look particularly at how the music was integral to the mood. 

This particular lesson is one that the teacher first was shown on a music teacher training course over a decade ago, and has been used many times with different classes. 

It is very regrettable that a pupil found this distressing, and a full apology and explanation has been given to the parent who highlighted this concern and will also be made to the pupil. 

We are now reviewing this particular scheme of work to ensure that we can continue to offer stimulating and challenging lessons without potentially causing upset to any pupils."