Confusion For Cambridge Drivers

25 August 2010, 12:15 | Updated: 25 August 2010, 12:25

Some drivers in Cambridge are being confused by a street sign that indicates two different speed limits on one road.

A 20 mile an hour speed limit sign was put up by contractors on Free School Lane last week, when the speed limit on Cambridge's city centre roads was cut.

However, a 30 mile an hour sign, which was supposed to be taken down at the same time, remains on the same post.

The old 30 mph sign even tells drivers they are entering an area where the 20 mph zone ends.

Cambridge city Councillor Mike Dixon blasted Cambridgeshire County Council for erecting the signs.

He said: ''It is confusing for people. There are a few other signs which also need to be removed.

There are problems with the 20mph zone signs. Some of them are too small and others are just confusing.

Another example is a sign for construction traffic for the Grand Arcade in Trumpington Road, which is still up there more than two years after the shopping centre was built.

And from Regent Street to Parkside there are four 20mph signs in the space of about 200 yards."

The problem was reported via the website, where residents can log complaints to be passed on to the relevant authorities.

Poster Ben Harris wrote: ''At the south end of Free School Lane in Cambridge there's a pair of signs marking the edge of the old 20mph speed limit.

These should be removed now that the whole city centre is covered by a 20mph speed limit.

In particular, the 30mph 'Zone ends' sign is likely to cause confusion.''

A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesman said: ''We have tried to ensure the correct signage was in place for the new 20mph limit when it launched.

The new speed limit covers an increased number of streets and it is possible that one of two signs that should have been removed have been missed.''

The council promised to remove the sign this week.