Cambridgeshire: Council Offices Go Up For Rent

9 February 2014, 08:24 | Updated: 9 February 2014, 08:29

To Let boards are up outside Cambridgeshire County Council's Castle Court Offices.

Plans to lease out the office space in Cambridge are part of the authority's plans to rent out some buildings to raise money to protect frontline services.

The Council must save almost £150 million in the next five years due to budget cuts.

By leasing out the building, it's hoped the Council will be able to save hundreds of thousands of pounds that is being spent on the overheads for the site. 

The income from the lease and the money saved would then be used to help protect front lines services. 

Employees currently working in the building would instead use other nearby offices, including Shire Hall.

The lease for Castle Court and Black Horse House offices on the Shire Hall site in Cambridge is being marketed by Barker Storey Matthews. 

The boards show the availability of 4,600sqft to 84,000sqft of offices to let with alternative uses considered subject to planning. 

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Steve Count, Cabinet Member for Resources, said: "In these times of having to find millions of pounds in savings it is right we squeeze every asset we have to help protect frontline services. 

This is part of a wider project of taking a closer look with public sector partners at all our buildings to see if they are being used in the best way.

We are already sharing buildings with other councils and agencies to make it easier for people to access services while making savings.

I have no desire to sell off the family silver so by leasing this building we will generate savings and still have an asset that we can sell if the time is right."