Cambridge: Defibrillators For Football Club

3 November 2013, 06:12

Two potentially life saving machines have been introduced to Cambridge United Football Club this week.

Cambridge United and its community have been equiped with life-saving defibrilators.

Staff, players and fans have access to the machines.

The British Heart Foundation and The Football Association have come together, and helped more than 900 defibrilators to be made available to clubs across the country.

Some money had to be raised by the club, two thirds of the cost was provided by the FA and BHF.

Ryan Donaldson, who plays for Cambridge United, told Heart "Obviously, coming into work everyday, you want to be safe, and these two defibrilators are going to help us a lot, on match days and everyday during training."

Fiona Roberts, helped to raise money for the defibrilators for the club, after she lost her  20-year-old son to sudden adult death syndrome.

She told us she thinks they should be provided as standard, "I think it's disgraceful that these aren't provided to anyone, anywhere, who has young people at sporting events."

Awareness around sudden cardiac arrests was heightened when former Bolton player Fabrice Muamba collapsed mid-game in March 2012.

A defibrilator gives the heart a controlled electrical shock during cardiac arrest.