Cambridgeshire: Storm Cuts Electricity Supplies

28 October 2013, 10:34 | Updated: 28 October 2013, 18:20

High winds have caused 'extensive' damage to power lines across the East of England.

Around 92,000 properties across the region are currently without electricity as a result, according to UK Power Networks.

Around 480 of these properties are in Cambridgeshire.

Engineers worked through the night and will continue today, moving from job to job to repair the damage and restore power as quickly as is safely possible. 

The firm is also carrying out helicopter patrols to check overhead power lines. 

Customer service staff and volunteers from the British Red Cross, which works in partnership with UK Power Networks, will also be on site helping people in the worst affected areas. 

Since midnight, UK Power Network advisors have spoken to about 300 people to keep them updated as repair work progressed. 

Customers can report any power cuts and damaged lines on the free helpline 0800 783 8838.

Anyone spotting a damaged power line is urged to report it, but stay well clear. 

In the event of a power cut you can:

  • Call our free power cut helpline for your area or follow us on twitter
  • Listen to your local radio station, or see our website and twitter, for updates on progress
  • Keep a torch close to hand and if using candles, use them safely
  • Stay warm by staying in one room, or even in bed
  • Keep an eye on elderly or ill people living nearby
  • Take care if you go out tonight as street lights may also be off supply
  • Switch off most electrical equipment