Electric Drug & Alcohol Treatment

4 August 2010, 08:37 | Updated: 4 August 2010, 08:44

More than 30 people in Cambridgeshire have tried a new treatment that a local charity has developed to help beat drug and alcohol addiction.

Addaction, based in Huntingdon, has started offering a treatment called "electro stimulation therapy" or "EST" as part of it's service.

It is based on acupuncture, but doesn't involve needles.

EST sends painless electrical pulses through the body via electrodes which are placed at pressure points on the skin.

These pulses then stimulate natural hormones in the body which boost response to stress and pain.

32 people have tried out the treatment so far.

Kate Edwards, who works at Addaction, said: "It's proving really helpful for our clients.

It helps them deal with withdrawal symptoms and to manage any craving they may be having.

It is also really good at helping people with depression, anxiety and sleep problems - all the things that can trigger feelings of wanting to use drugs or alcohol."