Ely Booze Ban?

11 October 2010, 07:40 | Updated: 11 October 2010, 07:44

Police in Ely could soon be given new powers to take alcohol off people drinking in the ground's of the city's ancient cathedral.

It's after a number of reports of young people getting drunk, being rowdy and causing a nuisance on grass around the 12th century building.

Now, East Cambridgeshire District Council is proposing an order to restrict the consumption of alcohol that causes nuisance, annoyance or disorder at Cathedral Green, Cross Green, St Mary’s Green and Cherry Hill in Ely

The authority claims that, if approved, the order would not prevent sociable drinking such as by friends and families gathering in the park for picnics or events, but aims to tackle those who make life unpleasant for others.

Councillor Peter Cresswell, Chairman of the Community Services Committee, said: "Earlier this year we introduced an order restricting the consumption of alcohol in Jubilee Gardens to prevent anti social drinking becoming a major problem.

Over the summer, many people have told us how much of a difference the order made – allowing the public to enjoy the warm summer evenings in peace.

We are now looking at a new order for Cathedral Green, Cross Green, St Mary’s Green and Cherry Hill in Ely, where again a small minority of people are causing problems for others.

It is really important to stress that if approved this will not stop anyone from drinking alcohol in the park if they are socialising with friends or having a family picnic.

This order is to stop the consumption of alcohol when it creates the potential for disorder or causes an annoyance to others.

We want our parks to be places you can enjoy - they should not be ruined by a minority who are intent on behaving in an anti-social way."

We will find out if police will be given the new powers later this year.