Ely: Drugs Den Closed Down

20 May 2013, 11:58 | Updated: 20 May 2013, 12:05

A home in Ely, being used as a drugs den, has been closed down by police.

Officers had carried out 10 drugs warrants at 110 West Fen Road since last year, resulting in several prosecutions, but the address continued to be a focal point for drug users.

Neighbours complained of all-night parties and anti-social behaviour at the property including violence, littering and people visiting throughout the day and night.

Evidence was gathered and a number of disgruntled neighbours provided witness statements to build a case against the property.

Police applied for a temporary closure notice on 1st May, which prohibited anyone but the four residents entering the property.

Then a three-month closure order was granted at Cambridge Magistrates' Court on Wednesday (15th May), which bans the four residents, or any of their associates, from returning to the property.

Detective Inspector Donna Wass said: "This was an exceptional situation and it is really pleasing that, with the co-operation and support of residents, we have brought an end to the illegal and anti-social behaviour which has blighted the neighbourhood."

"As well as drugs activity, there was significant involvement with other criminality including burglary, shoplifting, theft and the storage of stolen items. The same process will be used to address other problem properties in future."

The order follows two previous closures in Nene Road and Brooke Grove in 2011.

Chief Inspector Russ Waterston said: "This is the third premises we have closed down but the most significant, because of its links to other crime.

"This should send a strong message to those involved in the use and supply of drugs."

"We will continue to use all tactics available to us to target people involved in such criminality and residents should be assured that, even if they can't always see police activity, we are working hard to disrupt criminals and bring offenders to justice."

East Cambridgeshire District Council Leader Chief Executive John Hill said: "Addressing drugs activity is a key priority in our partnership with the police. Good work is being done in addressing one-off drugs offences, but the eradication of a focal point for drugs activity is a major step in safeguarding our community."