Ely: Drugs Den Closure Order

18 August 2013, 08:16 | Updated: 19 August 2013, 11:03

Magistrates have extended a closure order on an Ely drugs den to allow the landlord to refurbish the property safely.

The Premises Closure Order on the home in West Fen Road was due to run out on Wednesday (August 14), but an application to extend it until September 30 has now been granted.

The house was initially closed down after it had become a focal point for drug users.

Neighbours complained of all-night parties and a raft of anti-social behaviour at the property including violence, littering and people visiting throughout the day and night.

Evidence was gathered and a number of disgruntled neighbours provided witness statements to build a case against the property. A three-month  closure order was granted on May 15.

The landlord has since arranged for the tenancy to be terminated on September 30 and has supported the closure extension application by police and East Cambridgeshire District Council at Cambridge Magistrates' Court.

The court ruled that the owner will be allowed access to restore the property prior to September 30. Any other trespassers will face arrest.

Inspector Paul Ormerod told Heart: "The closure order made a big difference to residents in the area who were fed-up with the anti-social activity which stemmed from the house.

However, we were concerned about what would happen to the property in the long-term with the fear that the previous occupants would return and the problems start again. 

I'm pleased that the owner has co-operated so positively in dealing decisively with the tenant who was breaking the law, and is now taking steps to improve the house in West Fen Road so that the area benefits."