Human Trafficking In Cambridge

28 May 2011, 08:00

Volunteers from local churches are claiming people need to be more aware of how much human trafficking takes place in and out of Cambridge.

Figures from Cambridgeshire Police show there have been eight reports of people being trafficked into Cambridge to work in the sex trade since 2007.

They also show there have been seven cases of people being trafficked to Cambridge and made to work.

Some reports indicate people have been bought into the UK from another country while others have been taken to Cambridge from within the UK.

Today (Saturday) a stall is being set up at Cambridge Market, between 10am and 5pm, by volunteers who want to raise awareness of the issue.

Rachel Smith, one of the organisers from Cambridge Community Churches, said: "Trafficking is not just an issue for other countries, it is an issue within the UK and in Cambridge.

For example brothels are not as they have previously been perceived.

They are often just normal houses in residential areas all over Cambridge.

We want people to be aware that this is going on in our city, and to be vigilant.

If they notice anything suspicious, they should contact Crime Stoppers or the UK Human Trafficking Centre.

People should look out for any property that has frequent male visitors, with girls being taken in and out often, closed curtains and properties that look generally quite secretive."

Click here to visit the CrimeStoppers website.

Click here to visit The UK Human Trafficking Agency website.