Hunt For Cambridge Attacker Continues

28 March 2011, 11:16 | Updated: 28 March 2011, 11:28

Police in Cambridge are handing out hundreds of leaflets and posters after eight linked indecent assaults in the city.

One man [E-Fit - pictured - right] is believed to be responsible for each attack, which have happened between now and last August.

200 leaflets and 30 posters containing the E-Fit and a description of the attacker are today being given out by police in Cambridge.

Detectives hope circulating the image to the public will help them identify the man responsible.

Detective Sergeant Phil Priestley said: "We believe that the e-fit is a good likeness of the offender and it has already helped us identify another victim.

I would urge anyone who recognises the image to contact police."

During each incident, a man has approached a woman and grabbed her before running or cycling off.

The posters and leaflets have been produced in association with the Cambridge News, and can be viewed at the Cambridgeshire Police website.