Huntingdon: Woman Cracks Tooth On Screw In Pizza

24 March 2014, 11:08 | Updated: 24 March 2014, 17:25

A Huntingdon restaurant's been fined £8,000 after a woman eating pizza, cracked her tooth when she bit a metal screw.

Pizza Express admitted to selling unsafe food, and to failing to keep equipment, i.e. the dough trays, in such good order, repair and condition so as to minimise the risk of contaminating foods.

Investigators found the screw came from a tray storing the pizza bases.

The company also had to pay £2,890 in court costs.

In a statement from Pizza Express, Heart's been told: "We have rigorous controls in place and set ourselves very high standards for the safety of our food, which is why this is extremely rare. We have apologised to our guest and taken extra measures to prevent this happening again."