Cambridgeshire: Ice Warning For Drivers

29 December 2013, 12:35 | Updated: 30 December 2013, 11:20

Police and Ambulance services are warning of icy roads and even more hazardous unseen black-ice conditions on Cambridgeshire's roads.

The East of England Ambulance service have been attending 14 accidents across the east in the past three hours due to icy roads.

Police have told Heart icy roads, and unseen black ice is affecting many side streets, town roads and even major routes.

UPDATE 1230:

Cambridgeshire Police are asking drivers to put off using the roads in the county until the weather conditions clear. 

There have been numerous accidents on slippery roads.

Earlier - the top end of the M11 was partly blocked after a 5 vehicle accident, the A1 was also affected by a crash on the icy roads at Brampton Hut and the A11 was the scene of 4 accidents at FourWentways. 

The Air Ambulance attended a casualty on the A428 at Eltisley earlier to a crash which blocked the road for around 4 hours.

Accidents were also reported at Brampton and Madingley.