Jail For Chatteris Abuser

5 March 2011, 08:00 | Updated: 9 March 2011, 17:45

A 32 year old Cambridgeshire woman has been jailed for having a sexual relationship with a 12 year old boy.

Diane Puller [pictured - right], from Tithe Road in Chatteris, denied six charges of engaging in sexual activity with a child, but was convicted by a majority verdict of 10-2 at a Cambridge Crown Court trial last month.

She has now been sentenced to six years in jail.

The primary school playtime assistant had the relationship with the child, who is now 14, back in 2009.

She encouraged the victim to miss school so they could spend time together.

The relationship was exposed when another boy walked in on the pair, and phone records showed a high level of contact between Pullar and the boy.

Pullar will be banned from working with young people when she's released from prison.

Detective Constable Neal Holdsworth said: "Pullar encouraged a sexual relationship with a child she knew was underage.

She abused the trust of a young boy for her own gratification, then put him through the ordeal of having to give evidence during the trial.

This was a complex and difficult investigation and we are happy she has now been brought to justice."