Labour's Cambridge Priorities

4 June 2014, 09:10 | Updated: 4 June 2014, 09:35

Labour has outlined its priorities after taking control of Cambridge City Council.

The party won a majority from the Lib Dems during last month's local elections.

Labour has released details of the issues it will now be focussing on in Cambridge.

The party's agenda now includes pledges to:

  • Tackle "two-tier Cambridge" by implementing an anti-poverty strategy and setting up a "Sharing Prosperity Fund".
  • Build more affordable housing and assist people in the private-rented sector.
  • Clean up Cambridge by bolstering public realm enforcement, tackling dog-fouling and implementing cleaning blitzes.
  • Build safer communities by tackling anti-social behaviour and street-drinking.
  • Celebrate and defend diversity and tackle discrimination.
  • Ensure residents are consulted and properly engaged in the city's future.
  • Expand the community's partnerships with both Cambridge universities.
  • Develop a thriving and sustainable local economy which builds its reputation as an international centre of learning and research.
  • Get more people out of cars and onto buses, bicycles and on foot.
  • Make sure the city contributes to reducing climate change.

The incoming Labour Leader of Cambridge City Council, Councillor Lewis Herbert, said: "Cambridge faces massive challenges including a housing crisis and a very high cost of living.

However, this city has huge potential and already punches above its weight with unique international links and globally recognised research strengths.

The newly-elected Labour team will make sure that Cambridge's huge potential is unlocked.

We will bolster efforts to secure the city's prosperity and ensure that it can be shared more equally: we want an end to Cambridge's "Tale of Two Cities.

We will govern Cambridge for all its residents while ensuring that the Council supports those who most need its help.

We will make sure areas of the city which have been neglected, particularly in the north and east, enjoy decent-quality housing and a great environment in which to live."