Lansley Calls For GP Rules

29 June 2010, 05:56 | Updated: 29 June 2010, 06:10

Badly trained GPs from abroad who cannot speak good English must not be able to treat people in the UK, according to South Cambridgeshire's MP.

Andrew Lansley, who is also health secretary, was speaking at a conference yesterday.

The appeal comes after David Gray, a pensioner from Manea, was injected with ten times the recommended levels of a painkiller by a foreign out of hours on-call doctor in 2008.

Nigerian-born Doctor Daniel Ubani was on his first and only shift in Britain when he injected Mr Gray, who was 70, with the lethal dose of diamorphine.

He was struck off the medical register earlier this month after being found guilty of making "recurrent mistakes."

Mr Lansley said: ""We are working closely with the General Medical Council to ensure that foreign healthcare professionals are not allowed to work in the NHS unless they have proven their competence and language skills, and we are currently exploring a number of options to put a stop to foreign doctors slipping through the net."