Local Election Results For Cambridgeshire

23 May 2014, 17:24

Labour has taken control of Cambridge City Council for the first time in 18 years.

Ten of the seats on offer went to Labour, while the Lib Dems won four and an independent one.

The new council line-up has Labour on 25, the Lib Dems on 14, independents on two and Conservatives on one.

Cambridge Labour City Group Leader, Councillor Lewis Herbert said,  "Residents know that Cambridge faces massive challenges and they have put their faith in Labour to tackle them; our work starts here.

We are determined to promote sustainable growth for Cambridge but share that prosperity so everyone benefits, and address our local ‘Tale of Two Cities’ including areas of the city neglected by the Liberal Democrats, and where too many local employees cannot afford to live in Cambridge because they are not being paid a 'Living Wage'.

On housing, we will work with partners to increase affordable housing for rent in Cambridge, including building more homes and helping people in private rented housing.

We will protect essential services despite the 40% cut in the city’s core funding by the Coalition Government, including working with our high quality staff team on new delivery options and by changes like enforcing against litterers not just accepting the tab of hundreds of thousands for clearing up their mess.

Our local priorities also match Labour’s national policies for the future, to make the private rental market fairer, build far more affordable homes, increase employers paying the ‘Living Wage’, and ensure that economic recovery benefits all, not just the lucky few.

We were the only party in these elections who fought all wards and we now represent all corners of the city.  Our expanded team will listen to residents and deliver for all the people of Cambridge."

Peterborough City Council

The Conservatives lost four seats in Peterborough, which meant they lost overall control of the council.

Ukip won three of the seats and Labour took the other one.

This means there is no overall control at Peterborough City Council.

The council now consists of: 28 Conservatives, 12 Labour, 7 Independents, 4 Liberal Democrats, 3 Liberals and 3 UKIP. 

The highest turnout was in West ward at 48 per cent and the lowest was in Orton with Hampton ward at 26 per cent. 

The average turnout across all 19 wards was 36 per cent. 

Huntingdonshire District Council

The Conservatives have held on to power at Huntingdonshire District Council.

UKIP gained two seats, an independent gained one, the Liberal Democrats lost two and the Conservatives lost two.

The new council consists of 35 Conservatives, seven UKIP, five Liberal Democrats, four independents and one Labour.

South Cambridgeshire District Council

The Conservatives have retained power at Cambourne-based South Cambridgeshire District Council.

The Tories gained one seat, while Independents gained two.

The latest elections mean the new council is made up of 35 Conservatives, 13 Liberal Democrats, eight Independents and one Labour Councillor.