Man Sentenced After St Neots Incidents

22 December 2010, 09:31 | Updated: 22 December 2010, 09:44

A man who sexually assaulted two teenage girls in St Neots has been banned from loitering near schools.

28 year old Muhamed Shahbaz, from West Street in Reading, approached girls aged 13 and 18 on two seperate occasions outside a school in St Neots in September.

Police say he tried to hug and kiss the 18 year old, then on another occasion he followed the younger girl.

A few days after extra officers started patrolling the town Shahbaz was caught.

He was employed as a part time security guard in St Neots at the time of the incidents, and has been sentenced to four months in prison for both offences.

He is also now the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order, which means he is banned from going from within 200 metres of a school or approaching any child wearing school uniform.

The judge who sentenced him has also recommended that he is deported back to Pakistan, where he comes from.

Detective Constable Liz Cooper said: "This was a frightening experience for the girls involved and caused a lot of anxiety in the town.

We put on extra patrols following the incidents and Muhamed Shahbaz was quickly apprehended.

We take these kinds of offences very seriously. Children should be able to go to and from school without being subjected to this type of behaviour."