St Neots: Missing Boy Found Under Kitchen Sink

24 February 2014, 09:58 | Updated: 24 February 2014, 10:05

A huge police hunt broke out on Friday, when a mum reported her three-year-old son as missing - only to find him asleep under their kitchen sink.

Jaden Gumm disappeared from his family home in St Neots, Cambs., at around 3pm on Friday. (21/2)

His mum, Becky Gumm, 32, called the police and officers across Cambridgeshire started to search for the boy.

The desperate mum feared the worst when darkness fell and there was no sign of her son, despite a number of volunteers braving the weather to help look for the child.

After hours of scouring the town, Becky stood in the kitchen while a police officer started opening cupboard doors - to reveal cheeky Jayden hiding under the kitchen sink.

Cambridgeshire Police say, "We were called at about 4.10pm to reports of a missing three-year-old boy.

"Officers were sent to the area to assist with a search, the child was found safe and well shortly after 6pm.

"Our priority is always to protect and safeguard vulnerable people. We put a lot of resources into the search due to the potential risk to such a young child who was thought to have wandered out of his home.

"We were delighted to find him safe and well and reunite him with his concerned family."