"Mr Asbo" Could Be Moved From Cam

26 May 2010, 11:01 | Updated: 26 May 2010, 11:26

A swan, nicknamed "Mr Asbo" after attacking rowers, could be taken away from the River Cam.

The Cam Conservators, the river's navigation authority, have written to Natural England after first asking the Queen's Swan Marker for permission to remove the animal.

Last summer, the swan attacked dozens of rowers in Fen Ditton, managing to capsize one boat.

He has now moved around a mile and a half upriver towards the centre of Cambridge, close to the Green Dragon pub in Chesterton.

Mr Asbo has now been seen taking on bigger targets than last year, including motorised pleasure boats.

Phillippa Noon, river manager for the Cam Conservators, said the application was being made as a matter of health and safety for river users.

She said: "I can confirm that we have made an application to Natural England to relocate the swan.

This can be done for health and safety reasons.

We have done this because there have been a lot of incidents where the bird has attacked rowers, but it's not just them.

It is also people in kayaks who have been attacked. We want to move the swan before it or someone comes to grief."

A spokeswoman for Natural England said that the application had been received and would be fully investigated.

She said: "We aim to process the application and make a decision within 30 days.

An investigator will meet with the person who submitted the application and may also make a site visit before coming to a decision as to whether the swan can be removed."