New Hope For Cambs Transplant Patients

20 May 2010, 06:00

More than 360 people in Cambridgeshire, who are waiting for an organ transplant, can now look for a donor in any EU country.

It's after the European Parliament approved measures on organ donation and transplantation, designed to shorten waiting lists.

The new rules mean other European countries also have to meet the same safety standards as exist in Britain.

It's hoped the changes will make it easier for patients to find rare transplant matches, while making cross-border donations safer and easier.

Richard Howitt, Cambridgeshire's Labour Euro MP, said: "Cambridgeshire is world renowned for it's specialist transplant centres at Papworth and Addenbrooke's, but still too many people die while waiting for a new heart, kidney or lung.

Simply put, more peoples' lives will be saved thanks to these new rules."

The new rules will also make all organs traceable to the donor, which it's hoped will reduce illegal trade in organs.