Newmarket Development Rejected

3 June 2010, 05:54 | Updated: 3 June 2010, 06:08

The planning committee at Forest Heath District Council has uanimously refused plans to build 1,200 new homes on the edge of Newmarket.

Lord Derby had hoped to build the development, which would have also included shops, cafes, a school, park and ride site and offices, on Hatchfield Farm.

In a statement, the district council said it refused to grant the scheme planning permission for the following reasons:

  • The local planning authority (FHDC) is not satisfied that the highway related implications arising from this development will be acceptable
  • Until such time as the vehicle and highway related impacts of this development are fully known, the local planning authority is not satisfied how or if the impact of the development upon the horse racing industry within and around Newmarket can be appropriately mitigated.
  • Insufficient data has been supplied on how bat species use this site
  • The absence of a signed section 106 agreement leaves the planning authority unable to secure the infrastructure improvements and enhancements and the financial contributions necessary to monitor and maintain them.  (Section 106 agreements are made between the planning authority and developers to do certain works on site or contribute money)
  • The government has confirmed its intention to abolish Regional Spatial Strategies. In view of this, and in advance of our forthcoming review of housing figures, it is our opinion that it would be inappropriate to approve this large scale application at this stage.