Petrol Prices Continue To Rise

14 April 2010, 06:04 | Updated: 14 April 2010, 06:11

Heart's found out petrol prices in Cambridgeshire are continuing to rise, and are pushing towards £1.30 a litre.

According to, the highest price for unleaded near Cambridge is nearly £1.26 a litre. 

A recent survey by the AA has found 67 per cent families are having to cut back on car use, expenditure or both as a result of soaring prices at the pump across the country.

Andrew Howard from AA Public Affairs told Heart: "The main reason (for the rise) is the wholesale price of petrol is rising and the wholesale price is rising because the pound continues to fall against the dollar. 

Unfortunately you buy oil in dollars and we need more pounds to buy those dollars to buy the oil and that's the problem."

There's renewed concerns that people living in rural areas are being even harder hit.

Garages in villages aren't able to sell fuel as cheaply as supermarkets in town centres. 

The AA says that means people living in the country are either being forced to pay more for petrol or try to get it cheaper from nearby town centres putting the future of rural forecourts in an even more precarious position.

Some experts are warning petrol prices could rise even further later in the year.

RAC motoring strategist Adrian Tink said: "It's now when, not if, petrol prices hit record levels. This is a dark time for motorists, with the worst affected virtually paying £6-a-gallon for fuel."

"These rises are indiscriminate in who they hurt, from families to businesses to consumers - these rises hit us all.

The real fear is that, if oil prices continues to rise, we'll have a perfect storm of high fuel duty, a weak pound and an increasing oil price - that could be disastrous.

It's time that something was done by both the energy companies and the Government to protect motorists.''

Headline figures for the Cambridge area from

                                                          Unleaded  Diesel  LRP  Super      LPG

The Highest price in this area: 125.9p 125.9p n/a 131.9p 68.9p
The Average price in this area: 122.0p 123.1p n/a 128.4p 68.9p
The Lowest price in this area: 118.9p 120.9p n/a 123.9p 68.9p

Some top fuel saving tips from the Energy Saving Trust:

Before you set off -

Drive only with the accessories you need - roof boxes and bike carriers can have a big impact on fuel efficiency

Pump up your tyres - under inflated tyres are dangerous, use more fuel and wear out more quickly

Lighten the load - clutter in the boot is an extra drain on your engine so increases fuel consumption

Plan ahead - Plan your journies to avoid congestion and road works and make sure you don't waste fuel getting lost!

Keep it long - use other forms of transport for short journies as using your car for short journies uses more fuel

Behind the wheel -

Check you revs - when you accelerate change up a gear early.  Between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm is ideal

Watch your speed - faster speeds increase fuel consumption

Read the road - drive smoothly, avoiding last minute braking and sharp acceleration

Step off the accelerator - stay in gear but take your foot off the accelerator as early as possible when approaching a red light etc.  This cuts fuel flow to the engine and you are driving for free while still making progress

Drive off from cold - modern cars are designed to drive off straightaway, warming up the engine just wastes fuel

Air conditioning - Only use it when you really need it

Source: Energy Saving Trust