Police To Ride Cambourne Buses

30 April 2010, 06:08 | Updated: 30 April 2010, 06:24

Police community support officers are to travel on buses into Cambourne on Friday and Saturday nights.

It's to try and reduce the number of underage teenagers going to Cambourne carrying alcohol.

Police say it's also to ensure that large groups of young people drinking alcohol aren't able to congregate on board buses.

PCSO Bujar Mani, who used to be a bus driver, said: "In the past there has been anti-social behaviour in Hardwick and Cambourne caused by young people who travel there from neighbouring villages.

We have been taking the bus on weekend evenings in a bid to turn away any young people travelling with alcohol.

In the past this action has worked. Where we find underage teenagers carrying alcohol, we confiscate it."