Second Protest Against Uni Fees In Cambridge

Around two hundred people, including sixth form students, mature students and university staff gathered outside Kings College at midday to protest against university fee increases.

Protesters held placards saying 'make university affordable for all' and 'some cuts don't heal' as they stood at the gates of Kings College.

Police were at the scene, but reports are, the demonstration which lasted around half an hour was peaceful.

It's as a number of demonstrators continue a sit-in protest in the Old Schools building, next to the Senate House.

The protesters have occupied the building since Friday morning.

However, a judge has now ruled that staying any longer means that the demonstrators are now committing a criminal act.

A University spokesman said: "While the University continues to hope for a peaceful and consensual end to the occupation of the Combination Room by students  and others who are trespassing on University property, the University made an application yesterday afternoon at Cambridge County Court .

District Judge Taylor granted the University a possession order and an injunction in relation to the Old Schools premises.

The court order has now been formally served on the occupiers."