Cambridgeshire: Security Advice As Clocks Change

26 October 2013, 08:22 | Updated: 26 October 2013, 08:28

Cambridgeshire Police say it is important homes look occupied, as the clocks go back by one hour tonight.

The force says there tends to be an increase in reports of break-ins during the darker evenings.

However, there's reassurance a few simple steps can help keep homes and the possessions they contain more secure.

Crime prevention officer Sue Loaker said: "With the clocks going back this weekend, burglary is a crime which tends to increase. 

Burglary is mostly an opportunist offence so people can remove temptation by keeping possessions out of sight and making their home look
like someone's in. 

Security alarms and lights can be a worthwhile investment to deter offenders and could save you a lot of time and inconvenience in the long

Cambridgeshire Police are offering the following advice: 

Invest in a security light and alarm to deter burglars. Burglar alarms are shown to be the number one deterrent. 

Use a timer switch for lights when you are not in, so your home looks occupied. 

Make sure you lock your front and back doors and secure all windows, including upstairs, before leaving. Beware of bogus callers. If somebody knocks at your door, be wary. Most utility companies do not cold call. Ask to see photo ID and call the company for confirmation. Genuine callers do not mind calling back another time or for you to make an arranged appointment with the company.