Six Years For Cambridge Robber

1 February 2011, 10:27 | Updated: 16 February 2011, 11:05

A man has been jailed after tripping over and spilling thousands of pounds of stolen cash in front of two policemen in Cambridge.

Bilal Shabazz [pictured - right] who is 22 and from Deptford in London, grabbed a box containing £13,000 in cash from a security guard in the car park of McDonald's in Newmarket Road on October 19th last year.

The guard was kicked and punched to the ground by Shabazz and another man, before they ran off.

However, as Shabazz was running off he tripped on a child's buggy and dropped the money.

It was all witnessed by two plain-clothed police officers who happened to be in the area.

The officers then tackled Shabaz and recovered the money.

He has now been jailed for six years at Cambridge Crown Court, and the judge sentencing Shabaz praised both officers and the security guards for their actions.

Detective Constable Rebecca Cohen said: "This was a brazen robbery where two offenders thought they could simply grab thousands of pounds from a security guard in broad daylight.

Unfortunately for Bilal Shabazz, two plain-clothed officers were quick to react to the situation and were able to detain him and recover the cash."