Skyscrapers In Cambridge

18 January 2011, 06:00

A plan is being drawn up to make sure lots of skyscrapers aren't built in Cambridge.

Cambridge City Council is putting the guidelines together to protect the historic skyline of the city.

It's after a number of tall buildings were built near to Cambridge Railway Station and at the Cambridge Leisure Park over the last few years.

Under the proposals, a set of criteria will be drawn up to evaluate potential tall buildings and the impact they would have on the skyline.

It's hoped they will "reduce the need for unnecessary, speculative planning applications for tall buildings."

Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Climate Change and Growth, Clare Blair said: "We have seen a number of tall buildings built in recent years and it is important that we have a robust strategy in place to make sure any new proposals can be thoroughly assessed.

This is a crucial area of planning that needs to be carefully managed to strike the right balance to protect our most treasured and historic parts of the city so that we don’t change its character."

Residents of Cambridge and the surrounding area, plus councillors, landowners, experts from English Heritage and Cambridge University representatives will be asked to comment as the proposals develop.