Speed Cameras Turned On

24 July 2010, 08:08 | Updated: 24 July 2010, 08:15

Speed cameras on a notorious Cambridgeshire road, where a number of people have been killed in crashes in recent years, have just been turned on.

Since 2008, eight people have died in accidents along the Ramsey Forty Foot Bank road.

More than 60 others have been injured, many seriously, along the road which has ditches either side.

It's believed that excess speed is one of the main causes of crashes along the fifty mile an hour road.

One driver was caught traveling at 100 miles an hour.

Average speed cameras along the five mile stretch have now been turned on.

The new camera system has cost £350,000 to install.

It was so expensive because of the equipment needed due to unusual soil conditions along the river.

Cambridgeshire County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Access, Councillor Mac McGuire, said: "I am pleased that the cameras are now fully functional and that work to install this important safety scheme has been completed.

Speed has been an element in many of the accidents on this stretch of road and these new generation cameras will play an important part in ensuring that drivers keep to the speed limit and drive safely."