St Neots: Driver Run Over After Car Stolen

12 February 2013, 16:12 | Updated: 12 February 2013, 17:09

A man has been seriously injured in St Neots, after being run over while trying to stop a thief stealing his car.

The 38 year old left his Audi A4 running on his driveway in Lowry Road just before 7am on Friday.

The man saw a thief get into the car, and ran over to it to try and stop him taking it.

However the thief drove away, dragging the victim down the road before he fell under the wheels.

The victim, who is now recovering in hospital, was left with a broken leg in two places.

The car was then found abandoned in Blunham in Bedfordshire around half an hour later.

Detective Constable James Howard said: "This is an appalling crime where the victim has suffered significant injuries while trying to protect his property. 

The man responsible was clearly willing to go to great lengths in order to steal the vehicle, showing no regard to the safety of others. 

I would urge anyone with information, particularly anyone who saw a white Audi A4 saloon driving erratically on routes between St Neots and Blunham on Friday morning, to call police.''

The victim gave Police the following statement: "I had gone outside to defrost the car at about 6.50am and was sat inside while my wife was getting our three-year-old son ready for nursery.

I could see she needed help carrying her bags so I jumped out the car and walked across the driveway to the house. 

I took a couple of steps inside when I heard the car starting to reverse.

I turned around just in time to see the car being driven off the driveway. 

I knew he would have to turn the car around to get out of the cul-de-sac so I dropped the bags and ran out after the car. 

I noticed the passenger window was down so my first instinct was to lunge through and try to punch or grab him. 

But I could feel the car start to move forwards and I was dragged along, I fell off but he carried on driving and the back wheels went over my leg.

It all happened so quickly.

Luckily a paramedic lives nearby and he was straight on the scene and the ambulance was there within a couple of minutes.

I’m just glad it was me and not my wife with our son in the car."