Cambridgeshire: Stalking Law Change

8 March 2012, 13:58 | Updated: 8 March 2012, 14:02

A woman from Cambridge who had previously been stalked has congratulated the Prime Minister on his move to make stalking a specific offence.

Around 120,000 people, mainly women, are targetted by stalkers every year, but less than half of those cases go down as crimes.

The move comes after a parliamentary inquiry called for new legislation to try to stop harassment and intimidation turning into murder.

The Prime Minister, has been meeting stalking victims at Downing Street to mark International Women's Day, and said the Government was determined to ensure "justice is done''.

"Stalking is an abhorrent crime. It makes life a living hell for the victims - breaking up relationships, forcing the victims to move house, making them feel they are being watched 24 hours of the day,'' he said.

"That is why we are explicitly criminalising stalking, to make sure that justice is done, protect the victims and show beyond doubt that stalking is a crime.''

Anna from Cambridge was stalked along with several other women 17 years ago.

She now works at the Cambridge Womens' Resources Centre supporting other stalking victims and tells Heart it's about time something was done.

Anna talks to Heart's Jenny Line.