Stansted: Airport Trials New Scanners

23 October 2012, 16:07 | Updated: 23 October 2012, 16:11

Stansted airport will start trialling new security body scanners this week, reducing the need for pat-down searches.

A shop window-style mannequin image will be seen by security officers checking passengers who have walked through the machine's security arch. The figure will have marks showing where the scanner has detected concealed items. No images will be saved or will be retrievable at a later date. 

The trial starts on Thursday 25th of October, and is due to run for three months. Passengers who are selected for a scan will have to comply, or will not be allowed to travel. 

Stansted Airport's head of terminal, John Farrow, said: 

'Providing a safe and secure airport for all our users will always be the highest priority but the introduction of this quick, effective and safe scan will also significantly improve the passenger's experience of security searching and provide maximum protection of privacy.''