Stansted: Ryanair Rules Relaxed

25 October 2013, 11:30 | Updated: 27 October 2013, 23:17

Ryanair boss says he's relaxing some of its rules and charges - for the next few months at least.

In a move that some might describe as Mr O'Leary trying to be "no more Mr Nasty guy", the outspoken chief has announced a relaxing of bag restrictions for passengers as well as reduction in baggage charges and an easing of booking conditions.

This and other changes will cover the period up to the end of March 2014, so it remains to be seen if the relaxation of restrictions will carry on into the busy summer 2014 months.

  • From December 1, Ryanair will allow passengers to take a second small carry-on bag (small ladies' handbag or small airport shopping bag) no bigger than 35cm x 20cm x 20cm, which will allow a bottle of wine or equivalent to be carried.


  •  From January 5, Ryanair's standard airport bag fees will be cut from £60 to £30 at the bag drop desk, and from £60 to #50 at the boarding gate, bringing them into line with competitor airline standard airport bag fees.


  • From  November 1, customers who book directly on the website (i.e. not via travel agents or screenscrapers) will be given a 24-hour grace period from the time of their original booking, to correct any minor errors (i.e. spelling, names, routings) made in their original booking.


  •  From  November 1, Ryanair will operate ``quiet flights'', prior to 8am in the morning and after 9pm in the evening. During these quiet flight periods no announcements will be made on board other than required safety announcements. Ryanair will also dim the lights during these quiet flights so that any customers who wish to snooze can comfortably do so.


  •  From  December 1, Ryanair's boarding card reissue fee will be cut from £70 to £15 for customers who have already checked in online. Customers who fail to check in online will continue to pay a #70 airport check-in fee.