Cambridgeshire: Toy Collection For The Philippines

21 November 2013, 06:15 | Updated: 21 November 2013, 11:13

A mum is collecting donated toys from around Cambridgeshire and the East, to send to children in the Philippines.

Drop-in centres for people to leave gifts are being held in Cambridge and across the region, after the typhoon that devastated the country, affecting around 12 million people.

Carly Lokrheim is urging people to "go through cupboards and ask friends and family for any toys that are no longer used and can be sent out to the children there".

She also told us it could make a huge difference to the children receiving them, "We want the children to be able to feel normal, and to feel like they're loved from across the world, that people are thinking of them in this time.

"It's an awful tragedy what's happened, and it's nice for them to know that we do care and we're here.

"A friend of mine is in the Philippines right now, she lives there, and she's seen the devestation first hand.

"She decided it would be nice to do something for the children. Everyone knows when you give a child a toy it makes them smile, and that is the whole plan behind this."

The toys need to be collected and sent to London for shipping on the 30th November.

More drop-in points are still needed, and Carly tells Heart she's struggling to find locations. For more information on where to drop toys and when, or to get in touch with Carly, click here.