Welney Wash: Calls For Improvements

13 February 2013, 16:33 | Updated: 13 February 2013, 16:46

Three MPs have joined up to campaign for improvements to the road through Welney Wash, which is forced to shut every year due to flooding.

The low-lying A1101 was recently closed for more than 50 days following heavy rain.

The closure forces drivers between Littleport and Wisbech to take diversions of up to 35 miles.

Cambridgeshire Police regularly fine drivers for ignoring the 'road closed' signs and attempting to drive along the flooded road, while earlier this year Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to rescue a driver who became stuck in floodwater.

Now, North West Cambridgeshire MP Steve Barclay, South East Cambridgeshire MP Jim Paice and South West Norfolk MP are calling for improvements to the road.

Initially they are calling for electronic signs that automatically register when the road is open and closed.

It's thought these electronic signs would cost around £15,000.

Norfolk County Council is understood to have offered to contribute 75% of this cost.

Currently, regular road signs are put up when the road is shut due to flooding, but they are often left up when in fact the road has become passable, forcing drivers to un-necessarily continue to take the de-tour.

Long-term, the MPs are campaigning for a raised causeway to be built, meaning the road would be less susceptible to high water.

Steve Barclay said: "I am delighted that my colleagues are lending their support for this project. 

Flooding on the Welney wash is a recurring problem for residents and the possibility of electronic road signs would provide an effective short term solution to the problem. 

Flooding in the area for around 50 days per year is a major inconvenience and impacts on local business. 

We need to take concrete measures to limit this issue and work with local authorities to take action on long term solutions like our campaign for a Causeway."