St Ives Torch Route

Day 51: Sunday 8 July.

The olympic flame will enter St Ives via Meadow Lane at 0754.

The relay will quickly turn left onto Cromwell Place and then continue on to Market Road, before taking a right turn to Market Hill.

It will then be taken along The Pavement and on to Crown Street.

The flame will continue to Bradoway and The Waits, before taking a right to Ramsey Road.

The relay will then join Houghton Road, where it will finish at Hill Rise.

Next stop: Huntingdon.

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Meet the St Ives Torchbearers:

London 2012 Olympic torch Name: David Cleaver
Age: 46
From: Cambridge
Nomination Story: David Cleaver coaches the U14's at Cambridge Rugby Club and that means he includes everyone no matter how big or how small. Even if you are small like me he gives you the confidence to carry on, so now I am captain of the B team at my school. Also he has a great sense of humour and is a decent man. He knows the meaning of respect in sport. When one of our team mates, Joe Herrington, who many of us have played with died in the Easter holidays of Sudden death syndrome, everyone was in shock but David was the right person to give the speech at Joe's funeral. Because of David's kindness and the way he passes on his love of sport to everyone else I would like to see him carry the torch, and also carry it for Joe. 
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Mark Fliegauf
Age: 34
From: Oxford
Nomination Story: In 2009 Mark took the lead in founding Aiducation International UK and since then has served as its COO. Mark has built up the organisation's structure, and recruited, coordinated and trained volunteers throughout the country. Through his efforts Aiducation International has been able to award 24 scholarships, each worth nearly £1,400, to Kenyan high school students.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Neil Macleod
Age: 28
From: Cambridge
Nomination Story:Nell teaches music - helping people to recognise their musical talents so that they can use music to transmit their happiness far and wide.I teach music to 11-18 in an attempt to give them the same kind of connection with something very powerful that I have. I want every child I teach to see music as something they CAN do and not to see it as a barrier. I also want them to open their minds to new and different kinds of music to become more rounded musicians. At my school we currently run 13 extra-curricular clubs and are expanding GCSE and A level groups to try to take in acceptand inspire anyone who has a passion for music. We busk in the local community to raise money for new things such as steel pans to add to our groups and my job is made worthwhile by the young people I see on a daily basis connecting with an art form that everyone can be a part of.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Stuart Mitchell
Age: 20
From: Ely
Nomination Story: Born with Prader Willi Syndrome, a complex genetic condition best known for the insatiable appetite which leads to heart problems and diabetes and frequently life threatening obesity, Stuart has defied doctors to become the first sufferer to win a Silver and Bronze medal in the national disability swimming championships as an S14 swimmer. He then started running and completed 2 London 10 km runs and the great north run (7 days after having his appendix out). Not only has he raised thousands of pounds for the PWS association but has inspired many with the condition and their parents and carers to fight against the poor muscle tone, obesity, scoliosis and learning difficulties which the condition brings. Everyone he meets is amazed by his determination and spirited outlook, and have been able to see past the disability and respect him for who he is. Even the people on his old newspaper round miss him and say he was the best and friendliest newspaper boys they ever had. He reported anything suspicious to the police, kept his eye on the elderly and always had time to talk and make friends with their pets. Now setting out on his Gold Duke of Edinburgh award, he intends to continue his voluntary work in conservation. His keenness to help everyone, his enthusiasm and big smile has endeared him to all he knows. He doesn`t seem to understanding of the word `can`t` and as a result has achieved more than we ever dreamed possible. As a family we are immensely proud of him.