Kev And Ros Kickstart 2015

Inspired by the book "101 Things To Do Before You Die", Kev and Ros are trying every experience...

We all have things that we'd love to do and for Kev and Ros, 2015 is the year to do them all!

Kev, Ros & Producer Josh, are attempting to do as many of the items in the book as they can.

The list has some easy things, and some more tricky things including:

  • lear to play an instrument
  • catch a fish with your bare hands
  • win an award
  • swim with dolphins
  • get a piercing
  • spend Christmas on a beach
  • be part of a flash mob
  • shout "the drinks are on me" in a pub/bar.

Kev has gone first and crossed off an expensive one. Check out the video below to see how it went...

Josh went next and got himself a nose piercing! Watch the video below (be warned, it's not for the squeamish)