All about Jim

Heart's new breakfast presenter is Jim Davis.

Jim Davis is our new breakfast presenter. Here's your chance to get to know him.

What’s on your iPod?
I’m an iPod geek and have loads of playlists that I’ve spent hours creating! (It goes with the territory!) My current favourite is ‘Sun is Shining’ which has everything from Bob Marley and some funky house tunes with an occasional Jack Johnson track for good measure!
Favourite Food:
A proper ‘gut-busting’ Sunday roast with all the trimmings is something I crave but rarely seem to have. I’m more likely to cook a stir-fry or chicken Caesar salad at home. If I go out (and I trust the restaurant), I’ll always go for a good steak. Having said that, there is nothing worse than a badly-cooked steak!
Who would play you in a film of your life:
I would hope Matt Damon would do it. He could cope with the ridiculous comedy but also handle the pathos!
What you’d do with £1,000,000:
Buy an amazing house overlooking Jesus Green and the river. I’ve fallen in love with that part of town and if I ever got a windfall like that I’d turn it straight into bricks and mortar.
First childhood memory:
Swimming in a pool in Bangkok where my family spent some of my early years. I’ve pretty much lived in or around water all my life and absolutely love it.
Three words to describe you:
Loyal, unpredictable, easily-led (is that four?)
Superpower I wish I had:
I’d love to be able to fly. I have to travel for work loads plus a lot of my family live in Devon so it would make life soooo much easier getting everywhere I need to be. I have a recurring ‘flying’ dream too where I flap my arms, begin to take off and whilst I’m soaring around in the sky I suddenly realise that I’ve got no idea how to land again – that’s when I wake up. I have that dream almost once a month!
Favourite place in the world:
Cape Town. It has such a breathtaking and diverse culture set against some of the most stunning scenery in the world. There is abject poverty positioned right next to overwhelming prosperity but almost no sadness. I suppose when the weather is that good and the people are so talented and charming it is hard to be in a bad mood for long! I was born in Johannesburg and feel a deep connection to South Africa. It was an honour to be asked to introduce all the acts including Will Smith and Amy Winehouse on stage at Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday Concert last summer in Hyde Park and to see the man himself.
Bad habits:
I get grumpy if I don’t get enough to eat. It is easily fixed though and I’ve just found an amazing cake shop right next to the studios!
Favourite joke:
I love observational comedy. I think Michael McIntyre is an absolute genius. I’ve always thought Jimmy Carr is hilarious too. I love one of his gags which is, ‘I met a girl called Juanita this morning. I said, ‘Juanita’, that’s not a name you hear every day, and she said, ‘Actually, I do…’

If I could introduce one law, it would be…
People caught driving on the middle lane of motorways for no reason should be forced to re-take their driving test!
I would love/hate to be stuck in a lift with…
Love – Stephen Fry. You’d never run out of conversation!
Hate – Sir Alex Ferguson. I’d have nothing to say to the man and I can never understand a word he says either.
When I was young I wanted to be…
Call me sad but I’ve always wanted to be a radio presenter, so I count myself incredibly lucky that I’ve known that since I was a kid and that I’m actually doing it!
Why Cambridge?
I love to live outdoors but I also love city life. Cambridge brings the best of both worlds together like no other place in England.